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Our group programs are the perfect addition to our private lessons. They give each student the opportunity to put their knowledge into action while making music in a fun social environment.

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Rock the Stage

Be part of something big when you join a Center Stage band. This performance based program sets the stage for students to play their instruments in a fun and interactive setting. Each student is placed in a band with peers of their same age range and skill level. All students have the opportunity to audition for Center Stage’s elite House Band, who gets to perform at community events and festivals. At the end of the semester all bands perform at our Rock The Stage Gig in one of New York's well-known rock venues. We believe that passion for music grows when you play music you love and enjoy!

Pop-Up Band

Pop-up bands are the first steps in our performance program. Students will have the opportunity to play on the same stage as real touring bands! They will be accompanied by other students along with Center Stage teachers as they learn the fundamentals of being in a band, communicating effectively, and how to hone their budding musical skills.

Master Classes

Throughout the year we offer opportunities to participate in master classes of special interest, such as: NYSSMA prep, songwriting, instrument maintenance, yoga for musicians, Alexander technique, and performance workshops. Our annual Instrument Exploration Day is free and open to anyone interested in playing music. You will get the opportunity to meet and greet with our university-trained instructors as you receive mini master classes in any instrument of your choice.

Little Stages

This musical enrichment program challenges toddlers (6mo - 2 year olds) to sing, dance, create and explore instruments. It offers an interactive bonding experience between parents and their children as they develop concepts such as colors, language, seasons, numbers, and much more. It’s never too early to begin reaping the lifelong benefits of music!


Center Stage presents a Broadway style performance opportunity. What makes this program unique is that it will not only be for singers, actors and dancers, but for instrumentalists as well. Our objective is to allow the students to participate in all aspects of the production, from being on stage, to stage crew, to performing in the live pit orchestra. Our coaches provide students with a distinctive theatrical experience, where they will be able to grow as performers and musicians. This is an opportunity for everyone!

Music Storytime

Dive into the world of Western art music with Music Storytime, a course developed to introduce symphonic music to early elementary students (3 - 4 year olds)  in an exciting new way! Each session in this ten-week class will focus upon a piece of music that tells a “story.” Through guided listening, students will examine and investigate musical landscapes from a variety of pieces as they sing, act, draw, dance, and creatively express their musical imaginations!

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