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Everything You Need To Know About NYSSMA

Everything You Need To Know About NYSSMA

If you haven’t already, you and your teacher will decide whether or not you should participate in the NYSSMA festival. NYSSMA is an optional statewide music festival, in which students will be judged on their performance. For those who have never done NYSSMA before, the process and adjudication can seem intimidating. We have compiled a…

10 Most Common Mistakes Made at NYSSMA

10 Most Common Mistakes Made at NYSSMA Cello lessons at Center Stage Music Center in Westbury, Ny

NYSSMA is approaching and we want to make sure you are prepared for your performance! We’ve created a list of the most common mistakes people make at NYSSMA so you can avoid these NYSSMA no-no’s. Bringing photocopies. NYSSMA requires original NYSSMA approved scores of your piece. You are not permitted to use photocopies during your…

Audio Production

Thanks to cheaper and more accessible technology, more people are exploring the world of audio production. What normally required an entire control room of equipment has now been reduced to software in your computer! (This is both good and bad.) This recent wave of popularity has also seen the increase in music production lessons in…

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