Virtual NYSSMA 2021 Explained

This year has brought many challenges and changes to almost every part of life, and this Spring's NYSSMA Festival is no exception. In order to help you navigate the 2021 Virtual NYSSMA Festival, we have created a super helpful video, along with 5 easy steps to participate in NYSSMA this year, that will walk students and parents through every step of this year's evaluation.

5 Easy Steps To Participate in NYSSMA:

1. REGISTRATION: Register for NYSSMA by completing the registration form given to students by their SCHOOL music teacher. The form & check must be completed and sent back to their school teacher by the registration due date. Center Stage CANNOT register students for NYSSMA.


2. RECORD: Students must pre-record their NYSSMA solo and scales, and upload it to the website during the student's “upload period.”

  • Solos & scales must be pre-recorded in one continuous take.
  • Student must say the name of the scale they are about to play, before playing it. (Scales for this year have been pre-determined already by NYSSMA.)
  • Levels 1-3: Soloists are required to perform all repeats and da capos.
  • Levels 4-6: Soloists are NOT required to perform all repeats and da capos.


3. UPLOAD PERIOD: There is a one full week for the “Student Upload Period,” which is listed on the student’s registration form given to them by their school. Students must also upload a PDF of the original, NYSSMA approved, music.

  • Music must be uploaded as a PDF. 
  • Multiple movements or pages must be in one PDF document. (There is a free site that can help you merge multiple pages into one PDF: pdf)
  • The maximum file size for videos is 250MB for each video. (Videos larger than this will need to be compressed.)
  • The ONLY video formats that can be submitted are: .MP4 / WebM / iOS
  • (If your video is in another format, you can convert it to .MP4 by using a free site called Zamzar:


4. MUSICFIRST: Students will upload their prerecorded scales & solo, as well as their sheet music to School teachers will provide each student with the platform URL address as well as the username and password, closer to the date of NYSSMA. Students will login to complete each of the 3 – 6 tasks as set forth by NYSSMA.

  • You MUST use the most updated version of the Chrome browser when uploading & using to avoid complications.
  • It is strongly recommended that you use a desktop or laptop computer (Mac or PC) to complete the online evaluation process.


5. PRACTICE: Students should continue to work on their NYSSMA solos and scales with their private teachers up until they record. 

If you have any questions about NYSSMA this year, please leave us a comment below!


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