Concert Reviews

The Bonnaroo Schism Bonaroo summer music festival

The Bonnaroo Schism

In 2012, I was a 23 year old musician and teacher, eager to explore the world. A prime age of travel and discovery, I was living in the nebulous landscape of millennial America. I should say I feel there is a distinction between pre and post 2008 millennials. It seems to me, the peak of…

Quartetto Tomassini: A Night of Tango All female Quartetto Tomassini

Quartetto Tomassini: A Night of Tango

This February I had the pleasure of viewing a streamed performance of Quartetto Tomassini. As the name implies, it is a string quartet led by violinist, Patrisa Tomassini. Performed on a snowy night at Sholes Street Studio, Brooklyn, the performers embarked on a journey as seen through tango-colored glasses. The space was small, but cozy;…

What Is Practicing? violin lessons at Center Stage

What Is Practicing?

After asking a bunch of students this question, it made me realize that we had not come to a definitive conclusion as to what the word meant in relation to music. The dictionary defines it as “(verb) 1. performing (an activity) or exercise (a skill) repeatedly or regularly in order to improve or maintain one’s…

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