Festival Survival Kit: 15 Items You Can’t Forget!

EDC festival

It’s festival season! Festivals can be a blast, and a must have experience for everyone (in our opinion). However, you want to make sure you go prepared! There’s nothing worse than arriving at a festival you’ve been looking forward to for a long time only to realize you’ve forgotten something very important! See below for what we’d bring with us if we were going to a festival:

Are you going to a 1 day festival? Here’s what we’d bring!
Girl with maroon Hershel backpack

  • Plenty of water (Depending on what they allow. Some festivals don’t allow you to bring in outside food/drink.)
  • Granola bars and/or trail mix (Depending on what they allow. Some festivals don’t allow you to bring in outside food/drink.)
  • Portable phone charger
  • Backpack FOR SURE! (Our favorite backpack is shown in the picture above. And you can purchase your own by clicking here!)
  • Compatible umbrella and/or poncho, in case of rain (Expected or unexpected.)
  • Chapstick (Click this link to check out our favorite chapstick!)
  • Sun Glasses
  • Sun Screen (Nobody wants to deal with a bad sunburn after an amazing day of great music!)
  • Cash (So you can buy souvenirs and/or food and beverages.)
  • Earplugs (Super loud bass can be damaging to your ear drums. It’s best to avoid that.)
  • Bug spray
  • Digital and/or polaroid camera (Click here to get our favorite camera!)
  • Tissues and/or toilet paper (Porter potties tend to run out of TP and nobody wants to be stuck in that situation.)
  • Antibacterial hand soap and/or hand sanitizer
  • A sweatshirt or sweater (In case it gets chilly at night.)

Are you going to a 2+ day festival? Here’s what we’d bring!
tent at night with lights

  • Everything listed above, of course
  • Tent (If you’re not sleeping in a hotel.)
  • Blankets & sleeping bags
  • Pillows
  • Dry shampoo (Our favorite dry shampoo can be found by clicking here!)
  • Coolers to store drinks and perishable foods (Food and drink at festivals can be quite expensive.)
  • Snacks
  • Portable grill
  • Disposable cups, plates and cutlery

The most important thing to remember when going to a festival is to go with an open mind and to ENJOY every minute of it! Take lots of pictures, sing loud to your favorite songs and dance, dance, dance!!


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