10 Recital Mishaps And How to Avoid Them

10 recital mishaps blog

Our Winter Recital is just around the corner and our students are busy practicing for the big day. During a recital, you can run into some mishaps that you didn’t quite prepare for. We have compiled a list of the 10 most common recital mishaps, along with tips on how to avoid them: You Made…

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Issue VII: Don’t Believe in Ghosts

Don't Believe in Ghosts

Issue VII features the up and coming band Don’t Believe in Ghosts. The main article is written by our own, Ulises Amaya! See below for a peek into Issue VII: “Don’t Believe In Ghosts is an alt-rock band from NYC with infectious synth-pop sensibilities. At times their music seems so familiar that you may feel…

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National Bullying Prevention Month

This month is National Bullying Prevention Month and that is definitely a cause that we can get behind! In this day and age, there are so many people getting bullied. Bullying isn’t happening just at school anymore, it’s also happening over the internet. This means that bullying is now occurring 24/7, which often leads to harsh and…

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The Best Way to Learn is to Teach!

“While we teach, we learn” was said by Seneca, a Roman philosopher. For very many years this has been an accepted and understood concept- the best way to understand something is to explain it to someone else. There has been research done that found that students who are enlisted to tutor others, apply it more…

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National Piano Month!

national piano month blog

This month is National Piano Month and we are so excited to share the benefits of piano with you! Piano is one of the best instruments, in our opinions. Learning to play the piano can be so beneficial for a musician. The piano assists in dexterity and aids those who are not-so ambidextrous. When playing…

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Fall Bucket List

Fall bucket list blog

There are so many amazing things to do in the fall that we put together a list so you and your family don’t miss out! Check out the Grande Festa Italiana held in early September. This awesome event has rides, fireworks, live music and lots of Italian food. It’s held at North Hempstead Beach Park…

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Women In Music

This Sunday is Women’s Equality Day, which is an important day here at Center Stage as we are a business owned and run by women. We wanted to dedicate this blog to the amazing and talented women in the music industry and how powerful they are! Believe it or not, the music industry can be…

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Art & Music: The Connection

Art and Music Blog

Music and art go hand in hand. They’re two limbs of a whole, the creative arts. Art, like paintings, sculpture and photography are a visual representation of emotions. Music is a auditory representation of emotions. They are both used to express deep desires from within. They are a form of expression. Below are some amazing…

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Benefits of Trying Different Teaching Styles

Benefits of different teaching styles blog

When it comes to lessons, most students prefer to stick with the one instructor that they started with. However, there are so many benefits to having multiple different instructors over the course of your musical academics. Some of our students, and instructors, have noted how much progress they’ve seen after switching from one instructor that…

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The Importance of Summer Practice

Tips for Practicing in the summer blog

Many people feel that summer is a time to take a break from all of their activities, including music. However, the effects of taking just two months off are huge! After students return from a break in the summer, it shows that they have regressed with their skills. One of the benefits of regular practice is…

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