Live Creatively Day: 5 Ways to Celebrate! Live Creatively Day

Live Creatively Day: 5 Ways to Celebrate!

Wednesday, Sept. 14th is “Live Creatively Day!” At Center Sage we are 100% supportive of embracing creativity each and every day…but, what exactly does it mean to be creative? And can anyone be creative?…ABSOLUTELY!   By definition, to be creative means to use your imagination or to have original ideas, especially in the production of…

International Strange Music Day International Strange Music Day

International Strange Music Day

Tomorrow, August 24th, is International Strange Music Day! What is Strange Music Day you might ask? It is a day to break out of your comfort zone and experience music that may be  strange, unusual or even a bit bizzare. You don’t even necessarily have to listen to bizare music to celebrate Strange Music Day….

Picking The Right Guitar For You

Picking The Right Guitar For You

The first step in every musician’s career is also one of the hardest – finding the instrument that’s right for you. Where can I buy a guitar? What style of guitar should I buy? Does price matter? If you’re asking yourself these questions, look no further! We have the answers to each one of these…

Winter Wellness for Singers

Winter Wellness for Singers

Vocal health is important all year long, but the winter brings many factors that make it imperative to stay vigilant so you can stay healthy and keep singing! Here are a few tips to keep your voice feeling performance-ready all winter long. 1. General Health Every musician must take care of their instrument. For some…

Virtual NYSSMA 2021 Explained

Virtual NYSSMA 2021 Explained

This year has brought many challenges and changes to almost every part of life, and this Spring’s NYSSMA Festival is no exception. In order to help you navigate the 2021 Virtual NYSSMA Festival, we have created a super helpful video, along with 5 easy steps to participate in NYSSMA this year, that will walk students…

Top 10 Practicing Tips! 10 Practice Tips To Get Ready for Back to School

Top 10 Practicing Tips!

If you went on vacation this summer, chances are you probably haven’t touched your instrument in a few weeks. You may be a little rusty and school is right around the corner. But, have no fear! We have created 10 easy steps on how to get “back to school” ready: Get Back Into a Practice…

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