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Happy Teacher Appreciation Day! Teacher Appreciation Day Blog

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!

Today, May 7th, is Teacher Appreciation Day and we here at Center Stage Music Center would like to take the time today to spotlight our amazing teachers! Center Stage takes pride in our team of university-trained instructors, who use their professional experience as both educators and performers to foster each student’s music education and mentor…

10 Apps to Explore Music At Home

10 Apps to Explore Music At Home

Music education does not end when you leave your lesson at Center Stage Music Center or when you conclude your daily practice session at home. Instead, music education is wide and impossible to contain, infused in our daily lives every time we talk about, think about and listen to music. For students of music, listening…

3 Tips To Write Lyrics For Your Next Song Tips for writing lyrics

3 Tips To Write Lyrics For Your Next Song

With our globalized streaming era, the fields of music and songwriting have become vastly more competitive than they used to be. In a study by the USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative, they found that participating in the songwriting industry is a struggle, especially for women. Only a quarter of artists on the Billboard Hot 100 year-end…

Winter Wellness for Singers

Winter Wellness for Singers

Vocal health is important all year long, but the winter brings many factors that make it imperative to stay vigilant so you can stay healthy and keep singing! Here are a few tips to keep your voice feeling performance-ready all winter long. 1. General Health Every musician must take care of their instrument. For some…

Virtual NYSSMA 2021 Explained

Virtual NYSSMA 2021 Explained

This year has brought many challenges and changes to almost every part of life, and this Spring’s NYSSMA Festival is no exception. In order to help you navigate the 2021 Virtual NYSSMA Festival, we have created a super helpful video, along with 5 easy steps to participate in NYSSMA this year, that will walk students…

10 Songwriting Tips with A2nelito Songwriting Tips with A2nelito

10 Songwriting Tips with A2nelito

In the recent issue of Center Stage Mag, the talented pianist/producer A2nelito sat down with us to share his 10 songwriting tips. From which equipment to buy, to choosing chords, to honing in on your “sound,” these 10 steps are invaluable to anyone looking to write music. 1. Listen to Everything. 2. Clear Your Mind….

Happy Halloween! halloween recipe blog

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! This weeks blog is all about tricks & treats. See below for Halloween inspired recipes, last minute costume ideas, and two awesome playlists to get you in the spirit of Halloween. Spiced Pumpkin Cookies Brain Cupcakes Halloween Crunch Bars Nutty Mummies Melted Witch Cookies Spooky Halloween Sangria Spooky Skull Tortilla Chips Halloween Ghost…

Issue VII: Don’t Believe in Ghosts Don't Believe in Ghosts

Issue VII: Don’t Believe in Ghosts

Issue VII features the up and coming band Don’t Believe in Ghosts. The main article is written by our own, Ulises Amaya! See below for a peek into Issue VII: “Don’t Believe In Ghosts is an alt-rock band from NYC with infectious synth-pop sensibilities. At times their music seems so familiar that you may feel…

National Bullying Prevention Month

National Bullying Prevention Month

This month is National Bullying Prevention Month and that is definitely a cause that we can get behind! In this day and age, there are so many people getting bullied. Bullying isn’t happening just at school anymore, it’s also happening over the internet. This means that bullying is now occurring 24/7, which often leads to harsh and…

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