Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

This weeks blog is all about tricks & treats.
See below for Halloween inspired recipes, last minute costume ideas, and two awesome playlists to get you in the spirit of Halloween.

Spiced Pumpkin Cookies

Brain Cupcakes

Halloween Crunch Bars

Nutty Mummies

Melted Witch Cookies

Spooky Halloween Sangria

Spooky Skull Tortilla Chips

Halloween Ghost Pizza

Witch’s Blood Halloween Cocktail

All recipes featured on this blog were found via foodgawker.com

Last minute costume ideas:
Stevie Nicks: Wear lots of black flowy clothes, layered! Grab a top hat and you’re all set.
Prince: Throw a long purple jacket on and call it a day.
Michael Jackson: Grab a red leather jacket, curl your hair and you’re ready to jump into Thriller.
Selena: Put on a red lip, curl your hair, wear jeans and a white button down tied up in front and you’ll have the perfect Selena vibe.
Lady Gaga: Channel Gaga’s Joanne album with a pink top, sunglasses and a pink hat!
Bowie: Grab some face paint and you’re pretty much ready to go.
Marshmello: A white mask is all you’ll need to pull this off.


You can play these playlists by searching CenterStageMusicCenter on Spotify or play them directly from the post below.

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