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Women In Music

This Sunday is Women’s Equality Day, which is an important day here at Center Stage as we are a business owned and run by women. We wanted to dedicate this blog to the amazing and talented women in the music industry and how powerful they are! Believe it or not, the music industry can be…

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Back To School!

Back to School Blog

The summer is coming to a close, and everyone is getting in back-to-school mode. The days of relaxation and play are almost over and it can become very stressful; Running to and from school, practices, lessons, etc. In order to try to ease the stress levels that back-to-school can create, we decided to give some…

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Art & Music: The Connection

Art and Music Blog

Music and art go hand in hand. They’re two limbs of a whole, the creative arts. Art, like paintings, sculpture and photography are a visual representation of emotions. Music is a auditory representation of emotions. They are both used to express deep desires from within. They are a form of expression. Below are some amazing…

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Bands You Need To Know!

Center Stage Teacher Bands Blog

At Center Stage, our instructors live and breathe music! Most of them are professional musicians outside of teaching. A few of our previous instructors have even left us for opportunities to tour! We are so proud to have these talented musicians as members of our team, we wanted to dedicate this blog to them! See…

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Benefits of Trying Different Teaching Styles

Benefits of different teaching styles blog

When it comes to lessons, most students prefer to stick with the one instructor that they started with. However, there are so many benefits to having multiple different instructors over the course of your musical academics. Some of our students, and instructors, have noted how much progress they’ve seen after switching from one instructor that…

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The Importance of Summer Practice

Tips for Practicing in the summer blog

Many people feel that summer is a time to take a break from all of their activities, including music. However, the effects of taking just two months off are huge! After students return from a break in the summer, it shows that they have regressed with their skills. One of the benefits of regular practice is…

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Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Layers Blog

In Issue VI of Center Stage Magazine, we discuss the different layers within each and every one of us. We all have different aspects of our personalities that are expressed at different times. We don’t have to be just ONE thing. We are multifaceted beings. “We are humans, we are entitled to our layers.” –…

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The Best 4th of July!

The Fourth of July is here! This day is celebrated by many Americans with BBQ’s, fireworks, family and friends. Below are some unique recipes to make your 4th of July BBQ stand out! Summer Fruit Platter Peach Chilli Grilled Chicken Red, White & Blue Dip Trio Grilled Stuffed Peppers Star Spangled Watermelon Gin Slush All…

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How Can The Arts Benefit Children With Disabilities

It was long thought that children with learning disabilities couldn’t. They couldn’t learn, couldn’t have fun, and couldn’t enjoy life. We know now that that isn’t true and understand that children, even those with severe cognitive deficiencies, can do all of these things and more. There is perhaps no better way to introduce children to what…

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Recital Prep List

Recital season is upon us. We’ve compiled a list of ten easy steps to help you prepare for your recital! After all, your performance is your shining moment to show all of your friends and family your skills. 1. Have Support! Nothing will make you feel more confident than having the room filled with your…

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