10 Songwriting Tips with A2nelito

In the recent issue of Center Stage Mag, the talented pianist/producer A2nelito sat down with us to share his 10 songwriting tips. From which equipment to buy, to choosing chords, to honing in on your “sound,” these 10 steps are invaluable to anyone looking to write music.

1. Listen to Everything.

2. Clear Your Mind.

3. Lyrics First, Then Chords.

4. Document All Your Ideas.

5. Be Clear to Your Potential Audience.

6. Spend Wisely on Gear.

7. Get Trusted Feedback, and Often.

8. Don’t Overthink Your Takes.

9. Release Something on a Regular Basis.

10. Know When to Take a Break.



Check out the full Sit Down Session in Issue VIII of Center Stage Mag here:

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