Allow Me To Introduce Myself

In Issue VI of Center Stage Magazine, we discuss the different layers within each and every one of us.
We all have different aspects of our personalities that are expressed at different times. We don’t have to be just ONE thing. We are multifaceted beings.

“We are humans, we are entitled to our layers.”
– Skela


To think that as humans, we only have one personality, one face and one passion is an unfortunate thought. We tend to be afraid to show the world ALL of us.

One of the reasons music is so special to us is because it helps us discover areas in our souls that we didn’t know existed. It brings out personalities that we didn’t know we had. It speaks words that would probably never come out of our mouths. We tend to put ourselves in a box as we live our lives full of routines and expectations. But, we fail to notice that we use outlets that allow us to uncover different layers of who we are. We don’t realize that we actually love our layers. We are inspired by famous personalities who portray a non-conformist image. So why do we conform? Why does our band have to have one sound? Why do we have to have to have one voice? Why not give ourselves permission to explore and embrace our layers and the layers of those around us. Because essentially, we might be more alike than we think.

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