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Breast Cancer Awareness

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month Check-in to Facebook and #breastcancerawareness every time you’re at Center Stage. For every three check-in’s, a woman is provided access to a breast and ovarian cancer screening. Many people don’t like to discuss the subject but the sad truth is that nobody is exempt from Cancer. It can hit anybody…

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Bands You Need To Know!

Center Stage Teacher Bands Blog

At Center Stage, our instructors live and breathe music! Most of them are professional musicians outside of teaching. A few of our previous instructors have even left us for opportunities to tour! We are so proud to have these talented musicians as members of our team, we wanted to dedicate this blog to them! See…

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How Can You Make Your Performance Unique

Rock the Stage Gig at Center Stage Music Center

The Center Stage Rock The Stage Gig is right around the corner. How will you make your performance stand out this time around? Below are a few artists & bands that took the idea of stage presence and ran with it. KISS: The band KISS has a unique trademark. All band members paint designs on…

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Happy Rockin’ Birthday!

Rock Legend Birthdays Blog

April is a big month for musical birthdays! We celebrate the birthdays of Marvin Gaye, Pharrell Williams, John Oates, Mandy Moore, Joss Stone, Chance the Rapper, Stephen Marley, Michael Franti, Barbara Streisand, and Willie Nelson. That’s quite a list, and there’s even more than that! Although many of these artists are from different generations and…

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With the Power of Soul Anything is Possible

Jimi Hendrix Anniversary

Happy Birthday Jimi! James Marshall “Jimi” Hendrix (November 27, 1942 – September 18, 1970) was one of the most influential guitarists of his time, and is considered even today as rock music’s greatest guitarist. While that title can be disputed, Jimi Hendrix remains both a pioneer of new guitar sounds, playing style, recording techniques, and…

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Catching Up With Time King

Time King polaroids

You might have seen our article on Time King in Issue V of our magazine which was released back in September. In this article we were fortunate to sit down and interview the members of Time King to learn more about them and their music. If you missed this issue, you can check it out…

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Can’t Miss Festivals This Year!

Three blonde girls sitting on grass at a music festival.

Although 2017 is half way over already (can you believe it?!), festival season is still upon us and there are so many awesome festivals to choose from. There’s a festival for all types of music now.. so don’t think if you don’t like EDM, festivals aren’t for you. Check out the list below for upcoming…

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Quartetto Tomassini: A Night of Tango

All female Quartetto Tomassini

This February I had the pleasure of viewing a streamed performance of Quartetto Tomassini. As the name implies, it is a string quartet led by violinist, Patrisa Tomassini. Performed on a snowy night at Sholes Street Studio, Brooklyn, the performers embarked on a journey as seen through tango-colored glasses. The space was small, but cozy;…

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An Introduction to Diction

Gold microphone

Having proper diction is paramount while singing. Without it, we wouldn’t understand the words, thus losing an important connection with the music. A few students have recently had some minor diction issues, so here are a couple of ideas to help you sing your words clearly. 1. Warm-ups: Developing any skill begins with a good…

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