How Can You Make Your Performance Unique

The Center Stage Rock The Stage Gig is right around the corner. How will you make your performance stand out this time around?
Below are a few artists & bands that took the idea of stage presence and ran with it.

KISS: The band KISS has a unique trademark. All band members paint designs on their faces before every performance. Each member has a design and pattern unique to them that matches their personality and style. However, they didn’t start off with this idea right off the bat. The band took a few months before coming up with their signature style, but once they did it never left.

Guns N Roses/SLASH: Slash is the lead guitarist of Guns N Roses. His signature style is to wear a top hat while playing. This style is very unique to him. He started in 1985 when he shoplifted this unique accessory to wear when performing. Since he was broke at the time, he didn’t have the option to purchase. Once he arrived at home he realized that the top hat was bland, so he wrapped it with a belt he had stolen that same day to add some flair. Although the way he acquired the hat & belt is less than moral, we appreciate the unique trademark it left him with.

Daft Punk: This band is unique all around; from their style to the fact that they wear robot helmets while performing. They have always liked the idea of anonymity. They started off with a similar theme, but it wasn’t fully conceptualized yet. They started off wearing bags on their heads, which quickly morphed into helmets with wigs attached. The band thinks of their robot helmets as a kind of sci-fi glam.

These are just three of many bands that have taken advantage of cultivating a unique performance aesthetic. We hope these examples can inspire you to create your own performance theme so your appearance at the Rock The Stage gig will be one to remember!

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