International Strange Music Day

International Strange Music Day

Tomorrow, August 24th, is International Strange Music Day! What is Strange Music Day you might ask? It is a day to break out of your comfort zone and experience music that may be  strange, unusual or even a bit bizzare. You don't even necessarily have to listen to bizare music to celebrate Strange Music Day. It can be as simple as listening to a genre you are unfamiliar with, like metal or smooth jazz. Try listening to something may be surprised at what you like!

International Strange Music Day was coined in 1997 by New York City musician and composer, Patrick Grant. He believed that if society could broaden their musical spectrum, it could in return change the way the people look at other aspects of life. He created a day dedicated to pushing people out of their comfort zone to experience new music. He follows the mantra "listening without prejudice."

Let's celebrate Strange Music Day by taking some time to experience and discover music that we are unfamiliar with. We compiled a playlist of songs to kickstart your strange music discovery:

Another way to celebrate Strange Music Day is to create your very own strange music!! Try playing around with chromatic scales or funky chords. Don't have access to an instrument? Make music with everyday items! Try seeing what a squeeky straw in a cup sounds like. Or even a deflating balloon! There are no rules when making or listening to strange music...just as long as you keep an open mind, and listen without prejudice!

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