An Interesting Take on How Music Can Help You Heal

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Every day we are bombarded with different sounds. These sounds that we are constantly hearing have an effect on us. Not only can an abundance of noise disrupt our thought patterns, but the vibrations put out from the sounds we are hearing can also effect our bodies. A new theory that some in modern science are looking into is that all of existence is a vibration of energy, and that those vibrations affect us. Ever hear a song that you love so much it gives you chills? They say that’s your body’s reaction to the vibrations the music is putting into the environment!

People are now starting to reference “chakras” more and more often. This term dates back to ancient civilizations, specifically Hindu and Tibetan. The term is actually a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel” and refers to the “energy centers” of the human body. These are said to be the centers of our bodies where we receive, interpret and process information. Many claim that each chakra has it’s own color of light associated with it; it’s own frequency of vibration, and is said to have a specific musical note associated with it. The most common system used to resonate the chakras is a major scale, starting at C.

These theories are said to facilitate a new type of “healing”. It is often referred to as “Sound Healing”, and it is different than music therapy. Although, I’m sure the two skills can be used together.

What is sound healing?

Sound healing is based upon the theory that everything is vibrating at all times. It has been used as a method for healing in various cultures for many, many years. Some say it dates back to ancient Egypt and Australia’s Aborigines. Each and every thing has it’s own specific frequency at which it vibrates. Sound healing is the conscious (and educated) use of these frequencies to promote healing of the mind, body and soul. Sound can help with relaxation, but supposedly also has a way of moving through the “chakras” of the energy body. Eileen McCusick states in her book “Tuning the Human Biofield” that our subtle (energy) bodies store past experiences, traumas and emotions. The frequency of sound, specifically tuning forks, can help these “blockages” to move toward each chakra where they can then be released. According to this view, sound helps to shift our brainwaves by giving the brain a frequency to which it can attune. Using this can help a person reach a more relaxed consciousness where healing can occur more easily and quickly.

“Music is the art of the prophets, the only art that can calm the agitations of the soul.” ~ Martin Luther

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The following are the theory’s different “Chakras”:

Seventh ChakraSahasrara – Crown
Location: Very top of the head.
Color Associated: Purple, or sometimes white.
Vowel Sound Associated: “Eee”
Musical Note: B

Sixth ChakraAjna  – Third Eye
Location: Center of the forehead.
Color Associated: Indigo.
Vowel Sound Associated: “Aye”
Musical Note: A
Instruments Associated: Bells & Chimes.

Fifth ChakraVishuddi – Throat
Location: Base of the neck/throat.
Color Associated: Blue.
Vowel Sound Associated: “Eye”
Musical Note: G
Instruments Associated: Flutes and other wind instruments.

Fourth ChakraAnahata – Heart
Location: Center of the chest.
Color Associated: Green and pink.
Vowel Sound Associated: “Ah”
Musical Note: F
Instruments Associated: Harp and Piano.

Third ChakraManipura –  Solar Plexus
Location: Above the navel.
Color Associated: Yellow.
Vowel Sound Associated: “Oh”
Musical Note: E
Instruments Associated: Violin, Guitar and Cello.

Second Chakra – SvadisthanaSacral
Location: Around the navel.
Color Associated: Orange.
Vowel Sound Associated: “Ooo”
Musical Note: D
Instruments Associated: Trumpets, Pipes and Electric Guitar.

First Chakra – MuladharaRoot
Location: Base of your spine.
Color Associated: Red.
Vowel Sound Associated: “Uhh”
Musical Note: C
Instruments Associated: Drums.

Even if you’re not a subscriber to any of these views, they are interesting as far as they go, and you can take it as all the more reason to listen to and/or play music!

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