Recital Prep List

Recital season is upon us. We’ve compiled a list of ten easy steps to help you prepare for your recital!
After all, your performance is your shining moment to show all of your friends and family your skills.

1. Have Support!
Nothing will make you feel more confident than having the room filled with your biggest fans. Make sure to spread the word and invite every one!

2. Practice with a Metronome at Home
Musically, a metronome is a LIFE SAVER! It provides a solid rhythm and helps you feel the pulse of your song. It also helps to prevent rushing from nerves.

3. Practice As If It’s a Performance
The more you practice at home, as if you are on stage, the more comfortable you will be on stage. Make sure to practice with emotions and intensity, as if you are in front of a crowd. This will help you feel confident at the recital.

4. Use a Mirror
Never underestimate the power of a mirror! Using a mirror to practice will help you see what the audience will see. A mirror will show you any awkward or distracting movements that you may be un-knowingly doing.

5. Practice Taking a Bow
You might think this is obvious, but many people forget about the bow! Pianists need to practice getting up from the bench and walking out in front of the piano so they can be seen. String players need to know how to put their bows to the side, while saxophone players should be aware of the weight of their instrument as they bend over. These are all important things to know before you hit the stage.

6. Don’t Forget Your Music
The day of the recital, nerves tend to be high. It’s a good idea to put your music out somewhere visible the night before so you don’t forget it on the day of.

7. Take Some Quiet Time
Before you go on stage, make sure to take some time to yourself and block out any and all distractions. Take deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Continue that pattern a few times. Make sure to inhale through your nose, it makes quite a difference!

8. Focus
Rather than immediately scanning the audience for your peeps, focus on your place on stage and your piece. It’s important not to get distracted and thrown off. Save scanning the room for your friends and family members for after you’ve finished your piece.

9. Play for One
Perform your piece as if you’re only playing for one person. Imagine you are playing for a parent or best friend. Let the rest of the audience disappear.

10. Be the Star!
Don’t forget, this is your day. You are the star and everyone is there to hear you! Walk out confidently, head held high, with a big smile on your face. Show everyone how talented you are and how hard you’ve worked on your piece(s). Everyone wants you to succeed and is there cheering for you!

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