The Best Way to Learn is to Teach!

“While we teach, we learn” was said by Seneca, a Roman philosopher. For very many years this has been an accepted and understood concept- the best way to understand something is to explain it to someone else. There has been research done that found that students who are enlisted to tutor others, apply it more effectively. Some scientists have dubbed it as the “the protégé effect,” showing that students who studied in order to teach to another scored higher on tests than those who were learning solely for themselves.

As we begin to learn a subject with the mindset of teaching it, new ways of thinking evolve, which allows us to go to deeper levels of understanding. At Center Stage, we understand this concept and want to encourage our students to take the next step in their journey and begin to teach others what they’ve learned in their lessons. This is why we encourage Bring A Friend week to all students! This week allows them to not only spend time with a friend or family member, it encourages them to take their knowledge to the next level by teaching it to another!

Bring A Friend week is the week of October 15th!
Bring a friend, teach them a lesson, and deepen your understanding and knowledge of your instrument.

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