5 Great Ways to Introduce Your Children to Classical Music

September is National Classical Music month, and we couldn’t be more excited! We know that a lot of kids might think classical music is boring or old, but we happen to think it’s pretty cool. Besides appreciating the technique and artistry of classical music, there are also countless benefits to listening and learning this style.



We’ve all heard the quote “Mozart makes you smarter”… and while that statement itself has never fully been proven, the thought behind it is not too far off. It has been proven that listening to and learning classical music boosts creativity, reduces stress, elevates your mood and can even improve your memory. In addition to this, introducing classical music to your children can help with their spatial relations, motor skills, reading, math and even temperament. With so many benefits, why not give classical music a chance! Not sure where to start? No worries, we’ve created a list of great ways to introduce classical music to your child:


  1. Watch TV: There are so many children’s shows that introduce classical music to kids in a fun way such as: Little Einsteins, TarataBong, and (our personal favorite), Classical Baby.
  2. Go to a Live Concert: There are live classical concerts that happen all year long throughout NYC and on LI. Check out these upcoming concerts:

3. Learn an Instrument: Playing an instrument will not only teach children skills such as technique, rhythms, and        discipline, but will also give them an appreciation for many different styles of music, including classical.

4. Listen Together: Wether you are in the car or at home spending time together, put on some classical music in the background. Not sure what to put on? Check out our spotify playlist below!

5.  Attend Music Storytime: Our Music Storytime class introduces symphonic music to early elementary students through a unique story telling experience. Children will learn to appreciate classical music as they sing, act, draw, dance, and creatively express their musical imaginations.

You can play directly from this post below, or by searching Center Stage Music Center on Spotify.


If you have a fun/creative way to introduce your children to classical music, we would love to hear about it! Leave us a comment below.

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