Top 10 Practicing Tips!

If you went on vacation this summer, chances are you probably haven’t touched your instrument in a few weeks. You may be a little rusty and school is right around the corner. But, have no fear! We have created 10 easy steps on how to get “back to school” ready:

  1. Get Back Into a Practice Routine: Set a practice schedule and stick to it. Try setting a phone alarm at the same time every day to get into a routine. Consistency is the key to success when it comes to music.


  1. Make Sure Your Instrument is Tuned: Whether you play a string instrument, brass instrument, woodwinds or piano… The heat of the summer can wreak havoc on all musical instruments. Before you go back to school, it is a good idea to take your instrument to be serviced and tuned.


  1. Warm Up With Scales: Even if you just have a few minutes to practice, make sure to play your scales! Besides getting your fingers back in shape, scales will also help you remember your key signatures.


  1. Review Old Songs: Start with some easy repertoire, and work your way up to your most recently completed song.


  1. Do Note Reading Exercises: You don’t even have to be on your instrument in order to brush up on your musical skills. Reviewing notes on the staff is a great way to get back to school ready. Try this fun app Note Works to help review your notes.


  1. Sight-Read: Open up your book to any simple song you haven’t learned yet and try to sight-read through a few bars of it.


  1. Review Rhythms: Don’t forget about rhythms! Brush up on your quarter notes, half notes, eighth notes etc. with this fun app: Rhythm Cat


  1. Review Musical Concepts & Terms: Brush up on your dynamics, articulations, and other common music vocabulary words so that you are ready to go for the first day back to music!


  1. Decide If You Are Doing NYSSMA: The sooner you tell your teacher that you want to participate in NYSSMA, the better! That way you can start preparing for all of the components of your level.


  1. Make a Wish List: Create a list of 5 songs you would like to learn this school year to bring to your teacher.

Good Luck!

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