A Prefect & Stress-Free Christmas Menu

What’s on our wish list this year? A stress-free holiday where we can come together to spend time with our loved ones.

Along with the holidays comes shopping, planning, deadlines, final exams and other obligations. It can be a bit overwhelming when things pile up but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Take a breath. Scroll down to our holiday playlist, press play, and relax because we are here to make this season a little smoother with some simple and delicious recipes you can incorporate into your festivities this year!


Traditional Christmas Cheese Ball:


Cranberry Brie Bites:

Pesto Pinwheel:


Homemade Eggnog:


Garlic Prime Rib:


Mashed Potatoes:


Old Fashioned Gingerbread:


All recipes on this blog were found via allrecipes.com


You can play it directly from this post below, or by searching Center Stage Music Center on Spotify.


Merry Christmas!

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