Benefits of Trying Different Teaching Styles

When it comes to lessons, most students prefer to stick with the one instructor that they started with. However, there are so many benefits to having multiple different instructors over the course of your musical academics. Some of our students, and instructors, have noted how much progress they’ve seen after switching from one instructor that they’ve had for a long time to a new one.

When studying with multiple people, you get to see different perspectives on your instrument. Every instrumentalists has a unique approach and technique. Every musician has their own strengths when it comes to their instruments, as well as note reading. Certain instructors have quick and easy techniques that they can teach you, but these are usually individual and personalized so without having multiple people, you may not receive as many of these tips and tricks.
Each instructor may also have a different methodology for teaching. While some may focus on scales and technique, others may focus mostly on repertoire, and some may even bounce equally between the two. Similarly, some instructors will prefer to stick with one genre of music when choosing repertoire, while another instructor may give you totally different pieces that you will still benefit from. Some instructors will pick up on a student’s bad habits that a previous instructor hadn’t noticed so that is an added benefit of having different people teach you an instrument. Additionally, if you stick with one instructor for an extended period of time, the student may become too comfortable. Switching instructors has given some students more motivation to progress and impress their new instructor. These small things can make the world of a difference when playing an instrument.

Allowing yourself to be open to different methodologies for teaching expands your horizons as a musician. The more you absorb from each instructor that you have, the more you will be capable of! Your skillset as an musician will continue to grow.

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