National Piano Month!

This month is National Piano Month and we are so excited to share the benefits of piano with you! Piano is one of the best instruments, in our opinions. Learning to play the piano can be so beneficial for a musician. The piano assists in dexterity and aids those who are not-so ambidextrous. When playing the piano, you read both the treble-clef and the bass-clef, which is a very important skill as a musician. The more music you are able to read, the more instruments you will be able to learn! The piano is an excellent instrument for vocalists to learn as it can help assist them to play along as they sing warm ups. The benefits of piano can go on forever!

If you’re interested in the Evolution of the Piano, follow the link to read a previous blog posted about it!

Below is a playlist we created in honor of National Piano Month. You can play the playlist directly from this post below or you can search Center Stage Music Center on Spotify.

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