Need Some Inspiration? Try One Of These Musical Genres!

Every Noise at Once

The link above is a really cool interactive map of almost every musical Genre imaginable and the artist and bands that are known for each particular style. Just click on the link next to map and play around. If you click the genre you can hear an example of what each one sound like. Click on the arrow and you see the artists that are related.

Where Your Music Came From
What does your music collection look like? Do you tend to only listen to one style of music, or one radio station? If you are like me, it’s easy to get into the habit of listening to only one style of music. Not that enjoying one type of music is a bad thing, but how do you really know what you like until you have tried it all right? I used think I didn’t like Brussels sprouts growing up. I don’t know why, but something inside of my brain said “I don’t like Brussels Sprouts”. Then one day, two years ago, I went over to a friend’s house for dinner with an open mind and tried what today is now one of my favorite vegetables. Growing up, I listened to primarily Christian music and alternative rock because that was all I knew. I can tell you now that if I had only limited myself to what I knew back then, I would have never heard the beautiful sounds of Jazz pianist Thelonius Monk, sang along with every Cold play Ballad or learned from Jay-Z. about how to write a better rhyme

Here are some things that factor into our musical influences:


Your Location:
If you grew up in the south, there’s a good chance you love country music and Toby Keith was always station preset on the car radio.

From Your Parents:
We grow up and listen to the music that our parents, or older siblings suggest to us. If your house was always filled with classic rock, there is a good chance you listen to bands like the Rolling Stones, The Beatles and The Steve Miller Band

From Your Friends:
Maybe your friend traveled to Asia, and brought you back a copy of Girls Generation Album and now all you can listen to is KPOP (Korean POP)

Similar Artists:
Often times, artists that sound alike, go on tour together. So, if you are always going to rock concerts, you probably solely experiencing rock music

Listen to something new:
Listening to different genres will expand your musical horizon. You will hear different melodies, or new spins on olds ones. You will be introduced to new chord progressions and new ways to approach a chorus. You will hear different and exciting rhythm patterns, drum beats, and maybe even hear different instruments replace the traditional ones you are used to hearing. By listening to different types of music, you can learn how John Williams can make you cry by using a symphony in a Hollywood blockbuster, or the power of female soprano in an Italian opera.
If you only listen to Beyonce, I bet ten bucks you will sound like Beyonce. Granted, no one would argue that sounding like Beyonce is a bad thing, because she is truly one of the most talented singers in pop music today. However, the world already has its Beyonce. What they need is YOU. Do not limit your musical horizon by only listening to what you like. Try something new and you might be surprised by what you will find.

Use the above interactive map above to browse through some different genres and see what you like. If you like a new style, click on it and find some of the artists listed.

Listen to an entire album all the way through. Sometimes, we only listen to the hit song by an artist. Give the whole album a chance because most of the time, there is a variety of songs that are much different than the ones that make the radio playlists. There is good chance if you like the single, you will like some of the other songs on their album as well.

Listen to an Internet radio like Pandora. Pandora is great way to find new artist and styles as it rotates songs and artist for you making calculated predictions of other artists you may like.

Written By-Jackson Hunt

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