The Importance of Summer Practice

Many people feel that summer is a time to take a break from all of their activities, including music. However, the effects of taking just two months off are huge! After students return from a break in the summer, it shows that they have regressed with their skills. One of the benefits of regular practice is strengthening muscle memory. After a long hiatus, this skill can diminish greatly.
If you desire to see constant progress in your skills, it’s imperative to continue to work on them regularly. Below are some helpful tips for maintaining good practice habits over the summer:
  1. Set a schedule: Studies show that creating and sticking to a schedule helps make tasks become routine. After a while, practicing will become as routine as brushing your teeth and eating breakfast!
  2. Practice first things in the morning: The more you push back a daily task, the less likely you are to complete it. Before you do any other activities, take out your instrument and practice for 30 min. You will then have the rest of the day free to do whatever summer activities you’d like!
  3. Explore new music and different genres: Not only is it super important to continue to practice and sharpen you skills throughout the summer, but it’s also a great time to learn new music, different genres and maybe even pick up a second instrument!
  4. Play with your friends: While school is out of session and there is plenty of time to spare, take this opportunity to get together with your friends and jam. You might even start a band!
  5. Set up an outdoor concert: Gather your family and friends together on a beautiful evening and put on a mini concert for them. You can even have a little BBQ and some games.

One of the easiest ways to maintain your musical skills over the summer is to continue your weekly lessons. Without the pressure of homework and tests, the summer is a great time to take leaps forward in your instrument.

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