How is Playing an Instrument Helping You?

People Playing Guitar

Music is something the majority of us enjoy whether as a casual listener, or an active participant. No matter the age, participating is helpful for mental, emotional and physical health. The reasons for playing an instrument could run an infinite list, but here are just a few to hopefully get you playing!

  • Music is fun (usually):
    At the very least, learning an instrument should be fun. (I admit practicing can sometimes be tough, but the abilities you gain make it worth it!) Playing music for enjoyment can act as a stress reliever; also benefitting your mental health.
  • Faster reflexes:
    Studies have found that musicians have better reflexes than the general population. This gives you the ability to think and move faster. In fact, a recent study suggested that musicians are safer drivers because of their heightened reflexes. From my own experiences, I can attest that the older musicians I have come across are usually still playing their instruments, and their minds are still sharp to boot!
  • Better posture:
    Practicing an instrument requires good posture. Proper posture will result in less back and neck problems. Your ability to breathe deeply and diaphragmatically can strengthen by playing as instrument as well.
  • Better Test Scores:
    The correlation between music and higher test scores is a long studied topic. From classroom tests, to the SATs, music helps to boost critical thinking. The amount of material on this is insurmountable. Don’t just take our word for it, check it out yourself!

  • Music builds character:
    Learning an instrument requires a lot of discipline. Additionally, you most likely end up playing with other people, which helps to develop social skills. To master an instrument takes a huge amount of intrinsic motivation, which in turn builds a better you!

Are you interested in taking up lessons for any of the reasons listed above? Are you trying to find new ways to get your kids interested in learning an instrument for their benefit? A great introduction would be our Instrument Exploration Day here at Center Stage! This year it’s going to be on Saturday, June 17th, from 4pm-5pm and it’s FREE! On this day you will have the opportunity to try various different instruments with our talented university trained instructors! Check out our Events page to RSVP. It’s something you don’t want to miss!


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